And now for the good news….Thanks to the generous donations and support of our community, the Yolo Crisis Nursery continues to serve families in need.


A newly assembled Board of Directors has formed a stand-alone 501c3 charitable organization to continue the nursery as independent agency. In December 2014, the new Yolo Crisis Nursery Inc. received its official tax-exempt status,  DL No. 17053346332014.


We are committed to making the Nursery a reliable and effective resource for decades to come.  Please stay tuned for more details as we transition to oversight by the new Board.  In the meantime, your financial support allows us to continue planning far into the future.  THANK YOU! .




The Yolo Crisis Nursery keeps the youngest and most vulnerable children — from birth to age 5 — safe during times of family crisis.


Think of it as an Emergency Room for families. Children at risk of abuse or neglect get a smile and a hug. A safe, cozy place to stay, day or night. A hope for a better future.


The Nursery exists for families without other options. ... Families confronting poverty. Homelessness. Domestic violence. Substance abuse. Psychiatric issues.  And more.  They are parents who are on the brink of leaving their children in unsafe situations.


With their children in safe hands, parents get help from Nursery staff in resolving their crisis or hardship. Families stay whole and become stronger. Children are less likely to become troubled teens. The cycle of abuse is broken.


In short, the Nursery prevents abuse and neglect. It saves families and it saves lives. It is a community resource that we can't afford to lose.





The Yolo Crisis Nursery is a treasured institution in Davis, CA, that helps families in need. We are currently undergoing a change in management to a new nonprofit organization. Check back for details.

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